Apollo Pink 4.8V Electric Cordless Screwdriver with 600 mAh NiCad Battery & 26 Piece Screwdriver and Wood Drill Bit Assortment

Apollo Pink 4.8V Electric Cordless Screwdriver with 600 mAh NiCad Battery & 26 Piece Screwdriver and Wood Drill Bit Assortment
  • TIME SAVING: This lively pink colour adds a touch of fun to home repairs and maintenance repair tasks. Designed with power, performance and flexibility in mind this driver is great for hanging pictures, assembly of furniture, and tightening and loosening the most stubborn screws
  • POWERFUL: This 4.8V 600 mAh NiCad Cordless Screwdriver has a powerful 3 Nm of forward and reverse turning torque. With a recharge time of 3 to 5 hours this is a practical time saving addition to any home
  • CONVENIENT: With no cumbersome cords to tangle or get in the way this drill offers optimal mobility and handling on the job. It’s LED light provides illumination so the work place is always lit and clearly visible, and a quick press of the button indicates the power level of your driver by illuminating red, yellow or green so you easily know when to recharge
  • COMBO DRILL DRIVER KIT: Includes 20 of the most commonly found sized screwdriver bits, magnetic bit extension bar when more reach is required, 3 x 50 mm most used Philips, Slotted and Pozi Drive Bits, and two wood drilling bits for drilling holes in wood
  • APOLLO POWER TOOL 24 MONTH QUALITY GUARANTEE: Satisfaction assured on this pink cordless screwdriver with an APOLLO Precision Tools twenty four month quality warranty

Power Tools arent just for guys!

This lively Pink 4.8V Cordless Screwdriver adds a touch of flair while saving time turning all household screws; perfect for home repairs, picture hanging and furniture assembly. Includes most commonly found screwdriver bits and 2 wood drilling bits for work working projects


(20) Most Popular Sized 25mm CRV Screwdriver Bits:
6-pc Torq 10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30,
4-pc Hex 1/8; H5/32, H3/16, H1/4;
4-pc Slotted 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 1/4
3-pc Philips 1, PH2, PH3;
3- pc Pozidrive 1, PZ2, PZ3.
(1) 50mm Magnetic Bit Connector
(2) Hex Wood Drill Bits: 3mm, 4mm conveniently attach directly into screwdriver
(3) Extra long 50mm CRV Bits for extra reach. Most popular sized:Slotted 3/16, Philips 1, Pozi 1
(1) British Approved 3 Pin Recharger Plug. The rechargeable NiCad battery charges in 3 to 5 hours and is capable of a large number of charging and discharging cycles

Technical Specification

Rated Voltage: 4.8V
Battery Power: 600 mAh Nickel Cadmium
No Load Speed: 180 – 200 RPM
Torque: 3 Nm
Charge Time: 3 to 5 Hours

Apollo Tools Quality Satisfaction Warranty

Every tool is manufactured and tested against industry standards for safety, durability and functionality, and will last a lifetime under normal use.

Hand Tools carry a lifetime warranty, power tools a 24 month warranty, and consumables a 12 month warranty against defects in design, material or workmanship

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