Bosch PKS 18 LI Cordless 18 V Lithium Ion Circular Saw Featuring Syneon Chip

Bosch PKS 18 LI Cordless 18 V Lithium Ion Circular Saw Featuring Syneon Chip
  • Precise straight cuts and controlled handling without a cable
  • Best for cutting floor boards and decking with precision
  • Lithium-Ion technology – No memory effect, no self-discharge – always ready to use
  • Spindle lock for safe and easy blade changes
  • Lock-off button – controlled working with soft grip for increased user comfort

Bosch’s PKS POWER4ALL 18 LI is a powerful cordless circular saw, ideal for making straight woodworking cuts. A reasonable price tag, along with a variety of performance enhancing design features, make the PKS 18 LI a great option for users who want precise cutting for an affordable price.

Compact & ergonomic, the PKS 18 LI is comfortable & easy to use. Bosch’s innovative CutControl feature – a flip down, transparent cutting guide – allows you to accurately follow a marked cutting line at 90° & 45°, for a truly straight cut. Cutting depth up to a maximum of 48mm at 90° can be set rapidly & without difficulty, & a helpful spindle lock allows for complication free saw blade changing. The saw’s vacuum cleaner/dust extractor adaptor can also be used to keep your workplace free of wood dust & chips.

This product is supplied WITHOUT battery or charger. Bosch’s POWER4ALL product line shares battery compatibility between all 18v tools, eliminating needless expenditure on extra cells.

– Battery voltage: 18 V
– Battery capacity: 2 Ah
– Circular saw blade nominal diameter: 150 mm
– Circular saw blade bore diameter: 16 mm
– No-load speed: 3.800 rpm
– Guide plate: 133 x 244 mm
– Protective guard: Plastic
– Machine weight: 2,6 kg
– Cutting depth range at 90: 0 – 48 mm
– Cutting depth range at 45: 0 – 36 mm
– No Battery
– No Charger

– Carton
– Parallel guide
– Saw blade

Lowest Price: £75.90
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