Charnwood 100/35RC 5 Piece Stepped Reducer

Charnwood 100/35RC 5 Piece Stepped Reducer
  • Reducing Coupling From 100mm to 35mm Diameter
  • Used For Stepping Up Or Down In Hose Sizes
  • Used For Connecting 100mm Hose to Bench Top Machinery With 35mm Outlet
  • Wood Working Dust Extraction Accessory
  • Made From A Tough Plastic

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Universal reducing coupling. This Reducer consists of 4 pieces which can be joined and used as a single reducer or split to give a variety of options. The fittings are all tapered so a couple of millimetres each way should be OK to give decent fit.
Used for stepping down or up in hose size and used for connecting a hose line to machinery with a different sized outlet. The table below shows the outside diameter, OD, and the inside diameter, ID, for each end of the connector, in the various stages.

Outside Diameter / Inside Diameter
Step 1 From 100mm / 96mm To 68mm / 62mm
Step 2 From 100mm / 96mm To 45mm / 40mm
Step 3 From 100mm / 96mm To 40mm / 34mm
Step 4 From 100mm / 96mm To 35mm / 28mm

A hose clamp should be used to fasten hose to the reducer.

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