Clifton C7 Number 7 Bench Plane

Clifton C7 Number 7 Bench Plane
  • Clifton no. 7 Bench Plane is a Jointer Plane and has a blade width of 2 3/8″
  • Made from a high quality casting finished in the signature graphite colour
  • Bubinga Handles finish the beautiful aesthetics
  • Made in Sheffield, England
  • Perfect for professional and hobby woodworkers

*** NOW PART OF THE THOMAS FLINN PRODUCT RANGE – MANUFACTURED BY US, IN SHEFFIELD UK! *** The Clifton Bench Plane no. 7 has a cutter width of 2 .3/8″ (60mm) and is used as a Jointer plane. Some of Clico’s more recognised products, the Clifton Bench Planes are both highly attractive and functional tool that aim to give you an accurate and smooth finish. Ideal for the cabinet maker and discerning woodworker, both amateur and professional. These planes are ready to use from the box and do not need hours of flattening and fettling to make them fit for use (though we appreciate many woodworkers will prefer to hone the cutting iron themselves.) The Clifton Bench Planes are made from the finest materials: the body and frog are made from accurately machined grey cast iron with their sides and sole fully ground. The Knob and handle are carefully shaped, sanded and sealed from Bubinga hardwood. The Cutting Iron is hand forged from high carbon steel, hardened and tempered to 60-62 Rockwell C the precision ground and are 0.120″ thick (3mm). The Cap Iron has a two piece design to offer rigid clamping. The Frog locating pins and screws are made from ground stainless steel and are polished. The Lever Cap are made from grey iron casting polished. Both the Screws and Adjusting Wheel are made from polished brass. The Y Lever is a solid one piece casting. The Adjusting Lever and some other components are made from polished stainless steel. Made in Sheffield

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