Crescent NP11 11-Inch Nail Pulling Pliers, Red/Black

Crescent NP11 11-Inch Nail Pulling Pliers, Red/Black
  • The functionality of the pliers allows you to easily remove nails from the front or back
  • Unlimited flexibility allowing to extract nails regardless of size or if head of nail is damaged
  • Dual handles make it quick and easy to grip, roll, and remove nails or staples

The Crescent CODE RED Nail Pulling Pliers are designed to pull nails in a variety of work environments. Capable of “Pulling” nails through wood in circumstances were the head of the nail is not accessible. These situations occur frequently in demolition and remodeling where nails need to be pulled for safety and rework. As simple as grip, roll and remove nails and staples. Simply grasp the (nail, staple, tack, etc) with the pliers and roll the head of the pliers to quickly and easily remove the fasteners. Perfect for applications in laying flooring and pulling up old nails, staples or tacks.

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