Cutting-Edge Veritas Small Router Plane

Cutting-Edge Veritas Small Router Plane
  • Veritas Small Router Plane
  • Part of an Award Winning Tool Range
  • Made to the Highest Standards
  • UK Safety Spec

A versatile tool for fine work, particularly on narrow material or in confined areas. The sole is designed to completely encircle the blade when in the closed-throat position for maximum registration to the workpiece, even when approaching from the side or working the edge. This also allows it to bridge recesses, providing great stability even on narrow stock. The blade may be positioned inboard for standard closed-throat use, or outboard, where the cutting edge of the blade extends beyond the body, for true bullnose work. The blade-clamping knob has been positioned behind the blade to allow visibility and chip clearance. The comfortable ductile cast iron body is accurately machined and features a lapped sole. The plane is 82.5mm(3.1/4″) wide and 57mm(2.1/4″) deep, with a 6.35mm(1/4″) wide high-carbon steel blade. Weight 200g(7oz)..

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