HDIUK 6m Portable Air Conditioner Hose Extension kit (6 Metre Kit)

HDIUK 6m Portable Air Conditioner Hose Extension kit (6 Metre Kit)
  • Complete Extension assembly kit allows for addition of upto 6 metres of venting hose
  • Allows you to place your AC unit exactly where you need it allowing you to enjoy your AC unit.
  • Provides an extension to your existing hose. Increased diameter on extension allows for heat to vent correctly
  • Easy to attach to existing hose with supplied Heat resistant white PVC duct tape and reducing adaptor. Fully illustrated instructions with colour photographs.
  • High quality PVC Ducting with metal reinforcement resistant to heat up to 70 Celsius.

High quality and easy to install Extension kit designed specifically for increasing the length of the outlet hose supplied with most portable air conditioner units. The Kit contains everything you need to allow you to enjoy your air conditioner unit. THE PROBLEM: Most if not all Portable Air conditioner machines with a warm air exhaust hose only come with around 1 to 1.2 metres of vent tube. As you know, this is no use to anyone as it means your very restricted on where you can place the machine. Most of the time, the short length of hose supplied will not even reach an open window. OUR SOLUTION: We have created the perfect solution that will let you place your machine exactly where you want it. Included with the kit is a specially designed lightweight length (2 x 3 metres) of heat resistant white PVC Venting hose and coupler. The hose has a diameter of 6 inches to allow the hot air from your machine to vent correctly over the extended length. Also supplied with the kit is a reduction ring and a roll of special heat resistant white PVC duct tape to make the seal between your existing vent hose and the extension clean and airtight. Fully illustrated instructions with colour images also supplied to show you exactly how to install. Please be aware that this product is not designed to be used as a replacement for an existing AC units hose that has been lost or broken. The hose we supply will not attach directly to your AC machine.

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