Irwin Marples Ms500 S/Touch Be Chisel 1.In 10501708

Irwin Marples Ms500 S/Touch Be Chisel 1.In  10501708
  • Designed for joinery and light commercial work
  • Sharpened and ready for use
  • Blade hardened and annealed for edge thats slow to blunt yet easy to sharpen
  • Solid one-piece forged blade ensures structural integrity
  • Blade lacquered for rust protection
  • Large, strong tang keeps the handle firmly attached
  • Handle helps reduce harmful vibration
  • Soft-touch friction grip for improved comfort
  • Striking Cap prolongs durability and prevents mushrooming of handle

Marples Irwin MS500 Bevel Edge Chisel Soft Touch Handle 1 in MARS5001

Marples MS500 series soft-touch bevel edge chisels have a metal striking cap which allows use with a hammer, and prolongs the life of the handle and prevents mushrooming.

The soft-touch handles are oil and water resistant to prevent slippage and to give improved comfort even during prolonged use. The handle design also reduces vibrations and reduces hand fatigue.

One-piece blade forging gives added strength and durability. Made from special tool steel which ensures a much sharper cutting edge for quicker and easier operation. A special hardening process gives the blade a longer lasting edge – less time spent re-sharpening. The blade is hardened to the last inch giving more working chisel for your money.

Every chisel is honed and sharpened ready for use out of the packet – to save you time and effort.

Type: bevel edge.

Size 1 in – 25mm


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