Shark Corp 21-2301 .09 in. Point Nailset

Shark Corp 21-2301 .09 in. Point Nailset
  • 3/16″ diameter point
  • Sharp “V” of the nail puller with Specially Hardened (HRC 50-52) will bite any portion of nail
  • An advanced tempering method in the drop forged construction process
  • Highest quality carbon steel nailset gives extra durability
  • Advanced tempering drop-forged steel bar.
  • Set and pull finish nails – even gun nails.
  • High-carbon steel nail puller and nail set.
  • Nail set has 3/32″ diameter point.
  • “V” puller is double-tempered for durability.
  • Bites nail shanks at any position.

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