Stanley FatMax Pro Auto Lock Tape Measure 8 m/26ft XTHT0 33501

Stanley FatMax Pro Auto Lock Tape Measure 8 m/26ft XTHT0 33501
  • Mylar Coated Blade
  • Blade Armor Coating
  • Reverse Lock Mechanism
  • Includes 2 Interchangeable Hooks
  • Secure Hook Storage

The Stanley Fatmax Autolock Tape Measure features an innovative new design with automatic blade locking. A patented reverse lock mechanism provides greater control and increased blade life. Simply extend the tape to the required length and the blade is held in place to allow for quick and easy measuring even on your own. Slide the switch up to retract the blade or change from Auto-Locking to Self-Retract mode. The Stanley Autolock Measuring Tape has a 3m blade standout to provide increased reach and easier measuring. An extremely durable Mylar blade coating gives up to 10 times more resistance to abrasion than lacquered blades while the Blade Armor coating on the first 80mm of tape increases blade life. Stanley’s Autolock Tape Measure also comes with two additional interchangeable hooks which clip onto the standard hook to make measuring even more versatile and efficient. The first replaceable XL hook is an oversized hook allows you to hook the tape side-on to the structure, meaning no need to twist the tape while reducing inaccurate measurements. There is also a magnetic hook for easy one-handed measuring of steelwork and scaffolding. Secure hook storage on the body of the tape measure keeps the interchangeable hooks ready for use. THIS TAPE MEASURE HAS A METRIC ONLY BLADE SCALE

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