Tacwise 0327 191EL 230V NAILER / STAPLER

Tacwise 0327 191EL 230V NAILER / STAPLER
  • UK’s best selling corded electric nail gun
  • Fires 91 Type staples 15-30mm (also available in stainless steel)
  • Also fires 180 type nails 10-35mm (also available in stainless steel)
  • New models now available including Tacwise Duo 35

Tacwise Master Nailer 191EL Pro Nailer & Stapler 0327 230 Volt TAC0327

Electric 18g brad gun and stapler.

Fires 7 different lengths of nails up to 35 mm and 4 different lengths of staples up to 30 mm. Handling a huge variety of 2nd fix tasks, including refurb and construction jobs around the home, garden projects, through to precision work as well as applications in the workshop from fixing furniture backs to assembling jigs and rigs.

Fires 18 gauge nails from 15-35 mm & staples from 15-30 mm.
Staple/nail refill window.
Single shot safety trigger.
Rubber nose protector.


Lowest Price: £64.71
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