Teng M380011 3/8-inch Speed Brace Drive

Teng M380011 3/8-inch Speed Brace Drive
  • Crank shaped handle for driving sockets
  • Saves time where numerous fasteners need fastening
  • Made from chrome vanadium steel
  • Strong and durable
  • Plastic handle

Teng Speed Brace 3/8in Drive TENM380011

This Teng ToolsSpeedBraceis acrank-shaped handle that is used to drive sockets.It is ideally used instead of a ratchet in contexts when a lot of turning (i.e a lot of fasteners) is needed, where it can save substantial time. The speed brace requiresample room to swing the handle andample access to the fastener heads.Used occasionally in automotive repair or job shop work.

This Speed Brace has a 3/8 inch square drive. It ismanufactured from chrome vanadium steel for stength and durability, and has a satin chrome finish. For comfortable grip, the speed brace has aplastic handle.

Length: 380mm (15 inch).


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