VonHaus 1200W 185mm Multi Purpose Circular Saw:

VonHaus 1200W 185mm Multi Purpose Circular Saw:
  • Powerful 1200W input. Multiple bevel angle settings for joint cuts
  • Sizeable 185mm TCT tip blade with 65mm maximum cutting depth
  • No spindle wrench is needed to change blades (see image for instructions)
  • Dust extraction facility for maintaining a clean work area

Powerful and robust, the VonHaus Circular Saw is ideal for the DIY enthusiast.

Sporting a 185mm blade with an impressive maximum cutting depth of 65mm, the saw can slice through a wide array of materials, such as hardwood, MDF and Perspex, with the minimum of fuss and a smooth finish.

Keeping your work area clean and dust-is essential to accurate work and the dust extraction outlet ensures that this is possible, picking up any loose debris and carrying it away from the cutting area.

Not limited to making 0 degree cuts, the VonHaus Circular Saw has multiple bevel and mitre angles, affording you the option of making your desired joint-forming cuts.

Despite being powered by a 1,200W input, the saw is compact and lightweight which, in co-operation with the ergonomic soft grip handle, offers the user support and ease of control. For further protection, a built-in safety lock holds the blade firmly in place when not in use, so as to prevent accidental activation.

*A printing error in the manual previously called for the use of a spindle wrench to change blades, but this is incorrect. The spindle lock button fulfils this function.

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