VonHaus Mini Mitre Saw | 600W motor | Circular Saw with Angled Cross Cut Laser Guide

VonHaus Mini Mitre Saw | 600W motor | Circular Saw with Angled Cross Cut Laser Guide
  • Handheld Corded Design
  • Adjustable cutting depth up to a maximum of 2.7cm
  • Powerful 600W Input
  • Includes segment blade and 2 different sized cutting blades
  • Ergonomically designed grip allows for ease of motion and comfortable hold. Comes with mitre and laser guide to ensure straight and smooth angled cross cuts

The VonHaus Handheld Circular Mitre Saw transforms making tricky, angled cross cuts into an effortless act. Versatile and slim, the saw is easily manoeuvrable and capable of cutting through a wide array of materials with varying thickness and textures, thanks to an adjustable cutting depth of up to 2.7cm.

Professional Results

Though the VonHaus Handheld Mitre Circular Saw is intended for anyone, from experienced craftsmen to home DIY-ers, the end results will always have a professional look and finish to it. The provided saw guide, along with the wide array of varied blade types, will ensure a smooth and precise cut that meets your specific requirements.

Complete with a laser cutting guide for accurate / precise cuts and a dust extraction unit (compatible with universal vacuum cleaners) to reduce mess.


A powerful and sturdy design, with a 600W motor, means this Mitre Saw will not feel the effects of strenuous cutting jobs, whilst also being lightweight enough to be held single-handedly.

Boasting the ability to cut materials such as wood, metal, stone, plasterboard, tile, ceramic and more with ease, the VonHaus Handheld Circular Mitre Saw is an essential addition to any domestic toolkit.


Voltage: 230V

Power Input: 600W

No load speed: 4000rpm

Saw Blade Diameter: 8.5cm

1 x TCT 24 tooth blade

1 x HSS Saw Blade

1 x Diamond Segment Blade

Maximum Cutting Depth: 2.7cm

Cord Length: 2m

Lowest Price: £69.99
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