VonHaus Multi-Purpose Compound Mitre Saw | 1400W | 24 Teeth Blade | Non-slip

VonHaus Multi-Purpose Compound Mitre Saw | 1400W | 24 Teeth Blade | Non-slip
  • Powerful 1400W, 230V motor input
  • Maximum adjustable cutting depth of 5.5cm
  • 24 teeth cutting blade. Durable and robust outer casing
  • Zip-down dust bag for easy dust collection and disposal

The VonHaus Multi-Purpose Compound Mitre Saw is an efficient and powerful piece of machinery. With a 1400W, 230V motor and a blade that boasts 24 cutting teeth, it makes light work of any material placed in its way.

Versatile Cutting

Forming a joint is as difficult a cutting job as any, with virtually no margin for error. Thankfully, cutting at the most common mitre points is easy with the VonHaus Mitre Saw. Provided are indicators for key bevel angles of 15, 22.5, 30 and 45 degrees as well as singular angle points, on both the left and right sides of the blade, offering a full range of movement. This results in a smooth, accurate cut that ensures your joints will converge perfectly.

No Mess

Often the problem with cutting jobs is cleaning up the saw dust and other debris once finished. This problem is eliminated with the VonHaus Mitre Saw. The attached dust bag gathers and collects the loose dust and stores it until you’re ready to empty it by simply disconnecting and unzipping.

Safe and Secure

Safety is always paramount when it comes to using such dangerous machinery and the VonHaus Mitre Saw takes all the necessary precautions to keep you safe while you work. The blade is only exposed in the necessary areas, the rest of it is covered by sturdy plastic casing and has a roll-down blade cover for when the saw is not in use. Non-slip feet are built in to the base to ensure the unit stays in place during operation. The option to screw the base to a workbench or similar surface is provided via the holes through each foot.


Voltage: 230V

Power Input: 1400W

No load speed: 5500rpm

Saw Blade Diameter: 21cm

Maximum Cutting Depth: 5.5cm

Cord Length: 2m

Dimensions between fixing holes: 35x28cm

Lowest Price: £49.99
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